* Inventory management

inventory management with eBay,Amazon,Bigcommerce,Shopify

  • When you change the quantity, it will be updated to the marketplaces and webstores.
  • When the order is generated by customer, the inventory qty. will be adjusted and updated to the marketplaces and webstores.
  • Support the variation(parent-child) items as well.
  • Sync with eBay,Amazon,Bigcommerce,Shopify..



* Order processing

Order processing

  • The orders will be downloaded automatic in real time.
  • We have a manual import order function as well.
  • The inventory will be adjusted when the order download.



* Shipping management

Shipping label

  • You can generate the USPS,UPS shipping label.
  • Upload the tracking # into the marketplaces and webstores.
  • Update the order status as a shipped.
  • You can enter the tracking# manually too.